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3 Digital Marketing Trends to Gain More Online Followers

Growing your online presence in a smart way takes constant change and taking advantage of popular trends. These trends are a mix of tried-and-tested methods and more recent developments in digital marketing. If you want to rise quickly or gain viral success online, you may need to reinvent your current approach as a small business.

This article takes a look into 2020 trends and what you, as a small business, can do to integrate them effectively into your digital marketing plans. Take note; this is not just about riding the coattails of online trends. It’s about being seriously in tune with the current type of online customers—those who can also influence others to seek your website out.

1) Online Video = The New Standard

Obviously, social media is the most prominent online space today. On the different platforms, by far, the most viewed are the different types of online videos. Netizens are taking the bait, as it is seen on Youtube alone. There are a total of 1 billion hours of watch time per day. That translates to a lot in terms of potential conversion rates that many online businesses stand to benefit from.

 However, that figure only scratches the surface, as there are other popular videos and growing viewer bases on Tik Tok, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. All these platforms have videos in varying lengths and different kinds of productions, which allows you to take the reins on your online branding and how you want to communicate with your audience.

A popular choice here is called the scroll stopper—an online video with an enticing graphic and title that will get users to literally stop scrolling and watch. The call to action is usually embedded in the video. It entices the viewer to strongly consider the product/service due to what they had just learned. Overall, there are many approaches to producing effective video content that any online business can tap into.

2) Social Media = The New Customer-Produced Content

With online video dominating social media, there are many online customers who are also taking the opportunity to talk about their favorite products and services. There is no coercion here since they legitimately just want to share their experience. This is often seen as public posts, customer reviews on social media accounts, and the like.

As a small business, you can either involve them in your content or use them as a reference point for other things your customers may want to see. For instance, if your customer is raving about a certain shoe model you offer, you can either interact with them on their post or request their permission to repost their review on social media. Overall, being a successful small business online starts with gaining that valuable social media connection with customers.

3) The Rise of Micro-influencers

With social media being a solid means of interaction among small businesses and customers, another way to better reach out is to collaborate with small influencers or micro-influencers. Normally, small businesses will reach out to small-time influencers who are either rising locally in their community or have amassed a small following from different users worldwide.

Small businesses are approaching micro-influencers more frequently now than ever before because they are a more cost-effective choice. Compared to the big-time influencers, they are not only cheaper to approach; they have a more authentic or thriving fan base due to their growing success and constant engagement with them. In terms of Return of Investment (ROI), engaging in micro-influencer marketing is more lucrative and strategic for growth.


Small businesses should hop on these digital marketing online trends to easily grow their online presence and build a solid presence through their website. With the strong support of a professional digital marketing company, you can effectively utilize these tools to their fullest potential.

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