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3 Things a Digital Marketing Agency Should Give You

A digital marketing agency can give your business a much-needed boost in engagement and sales. Have you recently decided to look for one? First of all, congratulations! You’ve made an excellent decision towards the growth of your company. Digital marketers can help you strengthen your brand in many different ways, and they’ll have the experience needed to effectively meet your goals.

That being said, you should know that any reputable agency must be able to provide you with certain requirements throughout the entire process. From delivering a concrete plan to offering you comprehensive support, there are several things that you should know to expect. These are essentially non-negotiables that let you know you’re working with an agency you can depend on.

Curious to know what these are? Learn all about them in the sections below.

1. A concrete plan

This is the first thing you should expect from any reputable service. After your initial meeting with the agency, they should be able to furnish you with a concrete plan that details your needs and objectives, the strategies that will go towards meeting those, the time frame of the entire process, and a set of clearly defined roles as well as their corresponding responsibilities.

This is absolutely vital, as it outlines the breadth of the entire project and will serve as a basis that lets you and the agency track its performance.

2. Complete transparency

The agency you work with must be able to gain your trust. This is done primarily in two ways:

One, they must maintain open lines of communication with you. They should be easy to reach whenever the need arises, as well as be forthcoming on matters that pertain to your interests. Every activity they undertake towards the growth of your company should be brought to your attention.

Two, they must give you access (ie. control) over the activities they carry out. The agency must grant you authority over your digital assets such as your website, social media accounts, their contents, and anything else that is produced on your company’s behalf.

Ideally, all of these would all be available to you all times regardless of your location. This will allow you to oversee the entire project and as it takes place in real-time, granting you the ability to spot issues and make any necessary changes.

3. Comprehensive support

Customer support is crucial in any type of service. Unexpected problems may arise at any moment, and they will usually call for appropriate action to be taken. This is no different with digital marketing. In fact, the fast-paced nature of the work means that support should be provided to you at all times.

Without responsive support, what will you do when your website suddenly fails or your email marketing campaign contains inaccurate information? When left unattended, these things could be incredibly harmful to your business, and they need to be addressed ASAP to minimize the potential damage.

In such scenarios, you should be able to depend on your agency partner to identify the root of the problem and quickly eliminate it. Of course, this is possible only if you make them aware of the issue in the first place—something that can occur only with the help of comprehensive and responsive support.


When working with any digital marketing agency, remember that the aforementioned aspects are things that you shouldn’t have to demand. They are basic requirements that are expected of any agency worth dealing with.

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