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7 Benefits of a simple web site:

Creating your business’s website presents an opportunity to exercise plenty of design freedom, but before you begin, we’d like to offer a word of advice: Keep it simple.

You might be tempted to incorporate all sorts of different elements into its design, but doing so is usually not a good idea. It can make your website look unprofessional, and visitors will likely get frustrated and take their business elsewhere.

A better option would be for you to go the opposite route. Having a simple website design makes it easier for people to navigate your content and get the information they need. It also grants you several benefits which we’ll highlight below.

Below are 7 Simple Reason A Simple Web Site Is Beneficial in 2020:

1 – It saves you money on web hosting expenses

Here’s a fact you might have overlooked: web hosting services charge you based on how much Internet bandwidth your website uses. This means that the more complicated its design is, the more bandwidth it will consume—driving up the cost of keeping your website up and running.


2 – It means your website will load quicker

Too many design elements will also slow your website’s loading times. Internet users these days will spare no more than three seconds for your website to load before they abandon it completely.


3 – It improves the user experience

The most effective websites are designed based on how people naturally view and interact with their content. When you strive for simplicity in your own website, you allow visitors to intuitively know where the important elements are and how they function.


4 – It makes your website more mobile-ready

A simple website design looks better on smaller screens that are found in mobile phones and tablets. It also means you won’t have to invest in multiple versions of your website to work on different devices, as a simple design can be easily translated for mobile viewing while still retaining its functionality.


5 – It leads to better conversion rates

Conversion rates are largely dependent on the quality of your CTAs. By having a simple website design, you bring more attention to these critical elements and avoid possible hurdles that might get in the way—allowing you to ultimately make more conversions.


6 – It allows you to launch your website in less time

Complicated websites will need more resources to properly design and implement, extending the time needed to make sure everything is set up correctly. There’s also a higher chance that components might break, which is another setback that you want to avoid.


7 – It helps search engines accurately crawl your content

Dynamic content like that found in Flash is not easily “understood” by search engines, which can make your website and its pages rank lower than they should. A website that uses simpler web programming, like HTML, is more easily indexed and can rank better in SERPs.


As you can see, the benefits provided by a simple website design are definitely hard to ignore. It can help you serve your customers better, allowing for better business, and it saves you precious time and money that can be put to good use elsewhere.

We’re a web design company in Anchorage, Alaska. If you need help designing a website that’s beautiful, simple, and effective, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to lend an expert hand.