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Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid During COVID-19 – Our Guide

In a previous article we published, we highlighted a few digital marketing strategies you can use to stay afloat in these extraordinarily challenging times. In this post, however, we’d like to expand on that by outlining what things you should avoid.

As this crisis requires you to take extra care in whatever steps you choose to move forward, we felt that we needed to provide you with as much guidance as we can. Here are some digital marketing mistakes you should be careful with during this

1 – Forgetting to update your website header

You need to let your customers know how this crisis has affected your business, and one of the simplest and most effective ways you can do that is by updating your website’s header to convey this information. All it takes is one sentence. For example, you can say something like: “We remain fully operational during this time,” or “Deliveries might take longer than expected.” Preface whatever message you send with the something like “COVID-19 Update” to make it as clear as possible, and then use that to link to a page that contains more detailed information.

2 – Leaving your social media accounts unmanaged

You might have been forced to cut back on expenses during this time, but one aspect of your digital marketing strategy you shouldn’t sacrifice is your presence on social media. Your customers are on these platforms more frequently than they ever were, and failing to meet them there could mean that most of their inquiries and concerns are left ignored. To prevent this from happening, you should continue to have someone stay on top of these accounts, or do it yourself if you have to.

3 – Eliminating your SEO and PPC expenditure

You might also be tempted to save on costs by not investing in things like SEO and PPC. While we understand the reasoning behind this, the logic is actually quite flawed. These tactics are currently your best shot at remaining at the forefront of your customers’ minds, and halting them could effectively make your business invisible in the market’s eyes. You should maintain whatever budget you had for these activities before the crisis, and simply shift their focus so that they remain cost-effective.

4 – Focusing too much on coronavirus-related content

While it’s true that this pandemic is the hottest topic on everyone’s lips these days, it’s important that you still continue to provide value to your customers in ways that are not related to this crisis. Making your content revolve too heavily around the crisis can be depressing, even exploitative of the issue if taken too far or not relevant to your business. Be careful with how you balance your posts so that you don’t come across as simply riding on the popularity of the topic.


Finally, don’t lose hope. This is arguably easier said than done, but it’s important that you do your best to keep your business running. Your customers and employees are counting on you in different ways, so keep your head up and do what’s necessary for your business to survive.

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