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How to Incorporate a Blog into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Creating a blog is one of the best methods of setting yourself up as an industry expert. Nowadays, becoming a go-to thought leader is more than just sharing bite-sized information on social media. Blogs, on the other hand, can deliver the right amount of valuable information to an audience without being too overwhelming. Though an effective form of content marketing, what business owners don’t always realize is that blogging takes an immense amount of work. If you’re ready to commit to research and writing, make sure you’re starting your blog the right way by following these simple steps.

1. Stop procrastinating

Half the work that goes into starting a blog is just doing it. The thought of committing your time and energy to become an excellent digital resource can be daunting but also pays off in terms of your own marketing.

2. Choose a niche and topic

Every blog has a niche. If you consider yourself a jack-of-all-trades, you’ll do better off focusing your content on an industry you feel you excel in best. If you run an eCommerce website, you might write about sales or designing products. If you provide social media marketing services, your blog might be about how to best leverage each platform. Think about blogs that might be similar to yours to get inspiration and consider the ways you can stand out.

3. Pick a catchy URL

Your URL should be a title that best reflects your brand. You want to stand out but you also won’t want to confuse visitors with a quirky title that doesn’t really say anything about what you do. It should be something that helps you stay top-of-mind and is easy for readers to remember. Be sure your URL includes keywords that can help you rank on search engines as well. Make sure you aren’t purchasing a domain that’s too similar to another.

4. Design your blog

Like your website, your blog should reflect a design that isn’t just “pretty” but is also functional, intuitive, and makes your content as readable as possible. Wix and WordPress can provide you with tools that give you enough customization, but hiring a web designer in Anchorage can make a much bigger impact. A custom design can say a lot more about what you represent than tinkering with templates that are far more limited.

5. Plan outstanding content

A well-designed blog won’t make an impression if you don’t have meaningful content to back it. Brainstorm what you want to write about and plan your upcoming topics for at least three months. Then, supplement these topics with a schedule, so you know exactly what to write about and when. A schedule can also account for topics that might be more relevant sooner rather than later and can be easily shifted around.

To ensure that you’re using the right type of keywords and content, you can use free online tools that can predict how well certain elements can get you to rank


Starting a blog is no easy feat, but can help your business appear more authoritative and trustworthy. After all, visitors want to know that you know what you’re talking about.

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