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How to Supercharge Your Content Marketing With Paid Social Ads

The reality is that brands have no means of growing on their own. To thrive in the minds of its consumers, it needs the constant support of people, especially those who believe in its purpose, points, and relevance, one that drives them to keep purchasing.

To keep brands growing, marketing was invented. It was designed to tickle the interest of users, drawing attention to the brand’s good qualities through a mound of carefully packaged information. This information was later coined as content, which is the marketing’s non-negotiable currency. It builds a desire for products and services, making sure that audiences eventually make a purchase.

Content marketing can certainly be the answer to your problems, but with the plethora of information and distractions that consumers are exposed to every single day, how do you ensure that your messages fall into the right ears?

No matter how good your content may be, there’s always the risk of wasting time and resources. However, there is one way to amplify your message and brand’s voice—paid social ads. Here’s how:

1. Know and understand your audiences

Your goal is to get people to visit your media channel, social media page, or website, where they can read about your products and services, engage with you, and develop some brand loyalty. It only makes sense that you study your target audience and understand how to appeal to them.

It’s not enough that you get more people to see your advertisements – you have to get the right people to see them. When getting paid social ads, you typically have an option to segment your audience, which can help you hit your target market and get more customers. For you to get the most bang for your buck, it’s imperative that you get a grasp of who your customer base is and what you want them to do after seeing your ad.

2. Leverage on Twitter audiences

Twitter isn’t known to advertise traditionally, but you can get your content embedded and linked to tweets. Twitter’s paid solutions make it so that those tweets get more reach and get more people to read them.

Even if some users don’t follow your business directly, you can use Twitter to make a followers campaign, which can greatly increase your reach among your desired audience segments. You can also embed your videos and other media into tweets and pay to promote them. The talk on Twitter is nonstop, so be wise, get creative, and join in the conversation!

3. Utilize LinkedIn’s marketing platform

LinkedIn remains to be king when it comes to content creation. All the best possible audiences are there, as it’s home to over 500 million business professionals. This is great for businesses focused on B2B and B2C, but other businesses can also reach audiences through one little tactic: positioning yourself as an industry leader.

As you promote content to your LinkedIn following, make sure that your posts are well-researched and relevant, as you need to establish a sense of trust and credibility. Your ultimate goal is to become your target audience’s top of mind when searching for ad content. Remember to engage in conversations and interact with other posts.

To further your strategies on LinkedIn, opt to use paid options to boost your content. This ensures that your posts reach members beyond your network, furthering your reach.


You may have written the world’s best content, but that will result in nothing if it doesn’t reach your intended audiences. Remember that as social media grows, so do brands and information existing within it.

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of voices, where everybody has something to say. While content marketing’s power is undeniable, you will reap all the benefits through paid social ads—better find out what works best for you!

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