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If you are starting your own business there is a sea of things that you need to accomplish before your first sale can even happen. One of the most important things to put on the business plan? Logo design. A logo is one of the most important tools you can make to showcase your brand…and give it a face. What image or colors will your audience think of when your name crosses their mind? Will they be able to recognize it on the street?  Usually, that is all nestled within a great logo. That is why it is so vital to make sure you start your logo the right way because you could be left with something boring or hideous and that is definitely not a good look for your brand — especially starting out — or really… ever. Here are some logo design tips I have put together to help you get started on the blueprint for your new, memorable business face!

Logo Design Tip #1 – Do Some Homework

Are you designing the logo for yourself? For a client? Regardless, it is important that you do some evaluating and get a good grasp on the following questions:

  • Why are you starting this business?
  • What are you trying to accomplish?
  • What do you do…and how?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What do you value most…how about your audience?
  • What colors or shapes make you think of your business or trade?

Establishing these base questions is very helpful in getting a jump start on your new logo. They involve critical thinking and will really help you get the “lay of the land” and understand some intricacies in yours or your clients business.

Logo Design Tip #2 – #TBT: Bring Back the Sketchpad

According to an article on CreativBloq, it can help immensely to just get out the ole sketchpad and have a go, as having the glaring light emanating from the computer can seriously stymy those creative juices. Ditch those calculated-complicated design programs for a bit, and just let it all flow out of your pencil old fashion style. CreativBloq also states that having the sketchpad handy can be helpful for those random times when the creative flow just happens unexpectedly. Ever wake up at night with a brilliant idea…but no place to mark it down? Drop some sketch pads on that nightstand.

Logo Design Tip #3 – Let the Color Flow Through You

Out of all the logo design tips out there, this one is my favorite. We touched on this a bit earlier but here we get to go full spectrum. The colors involved in your logo are the colors in your business face! They will build a personality and image that your customers will associate with you and your business day in and day out. This is your chance to truly grab ‘em.

Keep in mind: these colors will need to be incorporated in every aspect of the design elements in the business. Website, products, newsletters, social media posts, creatives…everything that a customer has contact with. Repetition is key to really getting that logo into someone’s head and it is a delicate art! Here are what psychological elements touch on different colors according to  research done by Mashable:

logo design tips

  1. Red = energetic, sexy, bold
  2. Orange = creative, friendly, youthful
  3. Yellow = sunny, inventive, optimism
  4. Green = growth, organic, instructional
  5. Blue = professional, medical, tranquil, trustworthy
  6. Purple = spiritual, wise, evocative
  7. Black = credible and powerful
  8. White = simple, clean, pure
  9. Pink = fun and flirty
  10. Brown = rural, historical, steady

Logo Design Tip #4 – Don’t Become a Neurosurgeon Over It

So this logo I have, it has, like…this deep meaning and if you look at the points just right as the sun is setting you will see a shadow that is in the shape of a dog, which is actually our mascot. Whoa there buddy. Slow your roll. A logo does not have to be neuroscience. If the viewer has to think twice about your logo and what it means, then your doing it wrong. Keep the logo simple, straight to the point and interesting. It should be pretty easy to figure out what it means and how it ties into your company.

Ideas Still Not Coming to You? Outsource It

Maybe you are not quite the creative Charlie you thought you were. Spending hours and hours and all you have managed to come up with is a swoosh? (Just kidding Nike!) It may be time to outsource. There are many graphic designers out there that can start and even complete a logo for you at a decent rate. Hype Marketing, for instance, has some very good rates for logo design that are competitive and well worth the price. Do you have any logo design tips that you feel are even more important than the above to get started? Please share by shooting us a quick email.