A Cabin By The Pond

A Cabin By The Pond is a charming rustic wilderness retreat located in Soldotna, Alaska. Their desire was to have a website that reflects their charm and shows a taste of  the Alaska wilderness experience surrounding the lodge.  With this website, they are able to display the quality, service and uniqueness of these authentic Alaska Cabins. This site tastefully displays the services and lodging provided by “A Cabin By The Pond” getaway in a professional and effective manner.

Their Needs

A Cabin On The Pond is a charming wilderness retreat out of Soldotna, Alaska. They offer a mixture of seven authentic Alaska cabin for lodging on the Kenai River.

Their desire was to have a website that would visually showcase their services and pricing. Enticing potential client to book reservation with “A Cabin By The Pond”.

The Booking System: Their existing booking system was limited and needed significant enhancements that would still allow a user to back to the booking website.

“A Cabin By The Pond” also partners with other similar business in the area. This required competitive back linking both to and from these websites.

An additional requested requirement was that their site be responsive so that it was appealing and easy to use regardless of the platform it was being viewed from.

Our Solution

Hype Digital Marketing provided “A Cabin By The Pond” with a specialized WordPress website that was custom made to showcase their unique retreat filled with authentic Alaska cabins, set in a wilderness environment.  We did this in such a way as to entice potential customers to visit the site and become new customers to “A Cabin By The Pond”.

Part of this customization included displaying their partnerships with other local services within their industry as we back linked them both to and from their website.

The enhancements to their current booking system were design and implemented by us making it easier and more efficient and thereby increasing the percentage of actual reservations.

Additionally we provide “A Cabin By The Pond” with a responsive design which would substantially increase viewership from all platforms.

booked for peak period
More more page views
up 208%
visitors to their site since launch

Web Design

A Cabin by the Pond website is a visual showcase of services and prices. This website serves the purpose of enticing potential clientele to book with A Cabin by the Pond.

Our custom responsive design and development of their website offered a modern twist on Alaska Cabin Rentals.

Booking Platform Integration

A Cabin by the Pond had a booking platform they already used; the booking platform was quite limited but we were able to implement and track their bookings while pushing the guest to the booking website.

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