Av-STEM Alaska

Av-STEM had a great idea — making aviation education available to students throughout Alaska, that’s where Hype Digital Marketing comes in. They needed an online school, web design, and help running the technical parts of the website, we provided that, and more.

Their Needs

Av-STEM Alaska needed an online school built where students of all ages could come and participate in all that Av-STEM has to offer. They needed an e-commerce system with a membership program that only allows purchasers to access the courses as well as forums. All their courses are videos, so the implementation of video player capabilities would also be necessary. Each course has teacher’s answers as well as the students quizzes so they needed a way for the teachers to access the answers without the students being able to access them.

Our Solution

We were able to help Av-STEM with their online school adventure. We set them up with a full-fledged online school. Students can purchase the courses and then get mailed the essential items needed to participate in courses. They are given access to the videos which are hosted outside of the website as to not slow load speeds down. They also have access to forums to talk to other students in the course while being moderated by Av-STEM. Best of all, Av-STEM is able to completely control the course from their login, they can respond to students in the forums, and send out emails and notifications to all students and students grouped by courses.

Students already enrolled
Aviation program for kids in Alaska
under 2.5 second
average page load speed

Web Design

Av-STEM’s website was built to funnel students and teachers to learn new skills through aviation. Their overall goal is to create a community for students to further their education in a fun and safe way online.

The custom responsive design of their website has proven to be an overall success for driving traffic that converts to their website, and we couldn’t be happier to continue our relationship with them.

Online School

A unique build for us here at Hype Digital Marketing but an exciting one and we look forward to more unique projects where we can help businesses grow.

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