Dr. Barton OB/GYN

Dr. Barton OB/GYN is an informational website designed to showcase the services they provide their patients and to answer the patients frequently asked questions. In addition there was the desire to bring attention to appointment scheduling as well as their operating hours. Their beautifully & professionally designed website is at the top of their search terms and they are very happy in these results

Their Needs

Dr. Barton OB/GYN desired a simple yet professional website which was uncomplicated and user friendly. Their objectives? To showcase their services and provide informative answers to some of their most frequently asked questions including their payment policies. In addition to this they also needed to show information on how to schedule appointments and relay what their operating hours are.

Our Solution

After our initial website strategy meeting we began designing a site custom built to their specifications. During this creation stage we maintained consistent communication with them so we could provide updates and they, in turn, could provide any additional information critical completion. What you see on the site now is the result of this mutual cooperation. A simple and professionally designed,  ease of use site which shows not only their services but also answers their most frequently asked questions. In addition the site provides instructions on setting appointments and shows their operating hours.

~25% less
paperwork in waiting room
in top related keyword
under 2.5 second
average page load speed

Web Design

Dr. Barton OB/GYN. This amazing website showcases not only the services they offer their patients but it also exhibits an overall reflection of their business as well as quality of service.

In addition the custom responsive design we provided for their website has proven itself to be highly successful in transferring traffic to the site. We are looking forward to an exciting future with Dr. Barton’s office as we continue this mutual relationship with them.

Search Engine Optimization

Our Search Engine Optimization for Dr Barton’s has been successful in taking their site to the top of the keywords that were significant to them, obtaining high traffic volume for their industry.

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