Displaying Jitters Coffee Shop is the primary function of this website. Jitters is a family oriented coffee shop dedicated to providing a unique & positive atmosphere where one can ultimately enjoy ones  coffee experience to it’s fullest. With this redesign of their website they are able to display these qualities to both new and existing customers, friends, & family, as well as the community, which is the measure of their success

Their Needs

Jitters Coffee Shop is a distinctive coffee shop located in Eagle River, a small town in Alaska just outside of Anchorage. Their goal has always been to provide a blend of atmosphere & great coffee to that their customers would have a unique, comfortable & positive experience while they enjoyed their Java!. 

To express these goals, to both existing and potential customers, Jitters management recognized the need to redesign, really start afresh, with their website. They knew their goal only be accomplished through a beautifully designed convenient, modern and functional website. 

Our Solution

Hype Digital Marketing, while respecting the old website, was was charged with the construction of a new custom designed site that would show off Jitters uniqueness, location and custom branding of both coffee and merchandise.  

Jitters site was built on the backbone of WordPress, the most robust and popular CMS (Content Management System), providing ease of use and scalability. Our team designed and implemented a website from the ground up that is as unique as the coffee, location and atmosphere Jitters offers and as beautiful as the coffee shop they serve it in. An accomplishment we are tremendously proud of!

In our continued work with Jitters, we plan  is to implement a continuation of the strategy that provides constant growth of their website. Content Strategy and Search Engine Optimization are constantly evolving and we will be here and available Jitters as they move into the future.

Up 320%
Impression On Keywords
20% Less
Page Bounce
Up 24%
In Users

Web Design

Jitters new and distinctive website was successfully constructed and implemented by Hype Digital Marketing. It is a beautiful showcase of both their location and products brands. This site it setup as a resource to the community, as well as Jitters.

The implementation of the Jitters website provided them with a total and complete redesign of their previous one. Below are a few of the custom designs & attributes we incorporated into the site:

  • Customized responsive design tailored to their site
  • Tailored Google searchable menu
  • Prominent CTA’s (Call To Actions).

This was only made possible through a relationship with the management of Jitters accomplished by way of Face to Face contact and communications. For more on the importance of Face to Face communication for your web site check out our blog post here, “Alaska Web Design”

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