Serrano’s Mexican Grill

This site serves as a display for Serrano’s Mexican Grill. Serrano’s is a an authentic Mexican restaurant specializing in their unique family recipes, and they needed a website that would reflect this. With this website, they can display their authenticity, quality, uniqueness and passion for their heritage.

Their Needs

Serrano’s Mexican Grill  is a multi-location authentic Mexican restaurant that showcases the owners passion and love for their heritage  served up in unique family recipes passed from generation to generation!  Serrano’s  needs required a platform that represented these values, while endorsing their beautiful rustic aesthetic and, at the same time,  one that clearly displays their locations, restaurant times, and contact information.

Quite honestly, Serrano’s needed a web site that would not only speak to  their current patrons but inspire potential future ones too!   Their goal? To let everyone experience a taste of Mexico by tantalizing their taste-buds through imagery on their site.  This could only be accomplished through a beautifully designed convenient and functional website. 

Our Solution

Hype Digital Marketing was tasked with the privilege of designing and implementing a unique website for Serrano’s Mexican Grill. This custom built site was designed around their specific & distinctive requirements. The website allows them to showcase their beautiful restaurant, unique menu and location information. 

We built their website on WordPress, the most popular CMS (Content Management System), for ease of use and scalability. Our team designed and implemented a website as unique as the Mexican cuisine they offer and as beautiful as the restaurant they serve it in. A website we are immensely proud of!

As we continue our relationship with Serrano’s, our plan  is to implement a strategy that provides constant growth of their website. Content Strategy and Search Engine Optimization are constantly evolving and we are here to help guide Serrano’s into the future.

Up 300%
Impression On Keywords
15% Less
Page Bounce
Up 26%
In Users

Web Design

The Serrano’s Mexican Gril website is a beautiful showcase of locations and products. This site serves as a resource to the community and to Serrano’s.

The development Serrano’s website provided them with a complete revamp of their previous site. Some of our custom design incorporated the following attributes:

  • Customized responsive web design
  • Customized Google searchable menu
  • Prominent CTA’s (Call To Actions).

All of this was made possible through a relationship with Serrano’s that only came by means of Face to Face contact and communication. For more on the importance of Face to Face communication for your web site check out our blog post here, “Alaska Web Design”

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