Ready to Work on Your Web Design – Do These 4 Things First

Before anything else, you should remember that web design is more than just making a pretty-looking website. Your site is what leaves the first impression on your visitors, so you must make sure that whatever is in there is truly representative of your business’ personality and brand identity.

Moreover, your brand identity entails more than just your business’ logo. There are various elements that make up your brand identity, such as your business name, your tagline, your typography, your brand colors, as well as your brand voice.

A solid brand identity can guide you into putting together a web design that is not only remarkable but also helpful in establishing your reputation and credibility.

This leads us to the next question: how do you create a brand identity?

What to Do Before You Create Your Web Design

1) Work on Your Brand Story

Your graphic designers will be primarily responsible for developing the brand identity for your business, but they need a brand story to refer to as they work their magic.

In creating your brand story, you must determine the “why’s” of what you do. Moreover, you need to understand your product and your target audience, along with your competitors and the world trends relevant to your business. 

This will help you create a short, but sweet sentence that can summarize you and what you stand for.

2) Work on Your Style Guide and Brand Elements

Now that you have your brand story done, it’s time to work with your graphic designers to compile a style guide and identify the brand elements. These materials will serve as the reference of anyone and everyone who works with your website design and other digital marketing materials to ensure consistency.

Allow your design team to do what they’re good at, but stay involved throughout the whole process to ensure that the team is indeed following the brand story you have previously crafted.

3) Develop Your Website Content

Your web design isn’t the only thing that visitors will see on your website. They will also read your copies and see the images you have included there.

Again, with the brand story you have created, collaborate with your content team to develop materials that resonate with the story. There are various types that you will need for your website, such as written content for your homepage and landing pages, copies, menu labels, as well as images. You must make sure that the photos you use are professionally taken and truly in-line with your brand identity.

4) Work on Your Website Design (At Last!)

After you have your style guide and the content to fill up your website, it’s time to get to the real work. Your UX and web designer will first work on the design along with wireframes, which will need your approval. Once everything is ready to go, website development then commences, and the next batch of testings and approvals are done until you are happy with the website you have.


Working on your website’s design can be exciting, but if you rush into it, you may end up with a design that does not reflect your brand and is all over the place. Once you have crafted your brand identity, it will be significantly easier for you to develop your web design and, eventually, your website. Most importantly, you will be able to create a striking website that your customers will love and easily recall.  

Want to impress your customers with a great website but lack the in-house expertise? We’ve got you covered! We will be glad to provide you with excellent web design in Anchorage that can take your business to the next level. Get in touch with us if you think it’s time for something new!