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PPC advertising, let’s get it done right.

Fun fact, the top spot on Google receives 33% more traffic than other spots. Luckily, you can use Google Adwords to boost your score and skyrocket you to the top of the search results. That’s 33%+ in potential customers and clients searching for your products and services. Here’s the kicker… It’s all trackable.

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Auditing, strategizing, building and monitoring, we can help you with your Google Adwords account so that you can focus your time on the thing that matters to you, your business. Our philosophy is transparency and communication especially when it comes to pay-per-click advertising. That’s why we always check in with you if there are any red flags and monthly recaps are incredibly insightful to your spend.

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It has many names; pay-per-click, PPC, Adwords, but it’s all the same. With a well thought out Adwords campaign, you can close the gap between organic search engine optimization customers and conversions without your competition getting to them first. Users are continually searching for products and services on Google; we strategically build the ads that attract the customers you are looking to convert. Even if they do decide to leave, we can set up remarketing ads to re-capture their business.

Build Your Adwords account:

An Adwords account consists of a few parts; campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords. Each piece is essential to obtaining your spot in paid google search advertising. Strategizing your campaign is crucial, and no steps are left out. We start by identifying the objectives of your business. The objectives of your business may be static, or they may change throughout the year. Different seasons mean different strategies, so we plan accordingly.  Once we have our overall goal, we will break it down into parts, thus begins the research phase for the keywords that best fit your campaign. The keyword selection is significant as the ad copy, and your website’s copy will reflect such.

Each of these keywords has a particular cost associated with it; these costs will continuously be changing depending on many variables. We determine the best cost per click without jeopardizing your ROI. Being that keyword prices do vary often we adjust spending to reflect that. We use proprietary software and machine learning to help us maintain cost efficiency as well as continually optimizing your PPC campaign to keep you in the top of the search network.

Optimization Of Your Adwords Account:

An Adwords account that is not changing is an Adwords account that is failing. We use data provided by Google and our software to make strategic changes to your PPC campaign. This helps you obtain more visibility on a number of devices. With Google going mobile-first recently this is more important than ever. Whether is foot traffic you’re after or online traffic, the use of ad extensions makes it easy to obtain your goal.

Common optimizations include:

  • Call Extensions
  • Review Snippets
  • Location Extensions
  • Sitelinks
  • Callout Extensions
  • Expanded Headlines
  • Fresh Ad Copy
  • Landing Page Generation
  • Keyword Audits
  • Display Ad Design
  • Manual Bid Strategy

Constant Monitoring Of Your PPC Advertising

This is where your time investment is called into question. If you want to set up your Adwords account and just let it run hoping for the best, this is setting yourself up for a potential loss of ROI and activity. If you can’t consistently check your current campaigns, we would suggest letting someone like us, Hype Digital Marketing, take the wheel. Just a reminder, keyword costs change regularly and if you’re not careful, you may lose that first place spot.

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