Hype Digital Marketing produces result-driven custom campaigns to meet your unique social media strategy.

Today the attention of your audience is on the various social platforms. We understand that social media is a necessary part of any effective digital marketing plan for your business. We can help you build your social media presence start to finish including; creating your social media pages, scheduling your posts, paid advertisement and optimizing your profile. We are here to help grow your following and help you reach your desired audience.

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Hype Digital Marketing can help grow your business, enhance your bottom line, and increase leads and conversions through a creative social media strategy. We are successful when you are successful. We will create a strategic plan that uses the social media platforms into a banner for your businesses goals.

To ensure we stay in line with your business goals, we continually monitor the success of your social media strategy and paid social ads.

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Overlooking social media is not an option. Brands either participate where prospective leads and customers attention is at, or they don’t get the attention at all. Using paid social strategy in your brands’ digital marketing plan will help you get in front of your desired audience. This will increase your long term relationship with current clients. The goal is to get your product or message to people most likely to respond favorably to your advertising effort. Effective paid social advertising increases lead generation, nurturing of prospective customers, and return customers to your brand.

Social Media Channel Creation

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been on social media, or you just don’t use what you already have set-up, our marketing team has a goal to set you up for success. That means that we might have to set-up your social channels or restructure them for you. Some businesses are not leveraging the correct channel to amplify their message or product to the right customers. It is important to understand who your target customer is and where they are giving their attention. This might mean refocusing to a more optimal social platform for your business.

Social Strategy Creation

Social media is not about just posting something to say you posted something, or to prove that you are “doing” social media. Social media posting is part of a bigger picture of your overall marketing plan that includes digital marketing. There is strategy and planning that goes into posting content.
You have to ask:

  • What am I posting?
  • Why am I posting?
  • Who do I plan to reach?
  • When is the best time to post for my audience?
  • Where should I be posting that content?

Consistent evaluation of real-time analytical data will ensure you are increasing your return on investment and effectiveness of your unique social strategy.

Scheduling Social Media Posts

Employing a social media strategy as part of your digital marketing plan should be simple and efficient. Tools like Facebook Publishing Tools and Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts in bulk. This enables you to execute a structured marketing plan and work on filling it out with real-time posts to support your social strategy. No matter what, you can be certain content is being put in front of your audience on a regular basis. But, don’t get comfortable with scheduled posts.

At its core, social media is all about being social and engaging with your audience. Responding to comments, likes, and shares, show appreciation for reviews, and handle negative feedback with tact. Your social media channels are an extension of your sales, public relations, and customer service.

Paid Social Advertising

Trading attention is competitive and not always easy to acheive. You can create content, follow a social strategy, and schedule posts, but it might not always get in front of your optimal audience. That is where paid social advertising comes in. Paid social ads are an affordable tool for your business. You have to know how to use it right to ensure a competitive return on your advertising investment.

Social Media Optimization

Why invest time, energy, and money into something if it is not shareable? Let your content do the work for you. All you need is one person to share a piece of your informative and engaging content and you are moving in the right direction. The basic level of social media optimization or SMO is to create interesting online content by utilizing compelling text, eye-catching digital photos, or video content.

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