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So, you’re considering enlisting the powers of social media into your digital marketing campaign eh? Good thinking! Social Media is a powerful tool that is only increasing in its reach as more and more people use it every day. Fortunately, there are a lot of opportunities to truly amplify your message when using social media – but that leads to the question: should I hire someone or do it myself? There are pros and cons to outsourcing your social media AND doing it yourself, take a look at our list of factors to consider and help yourself make an informed decision for your company!

Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Digital marketing plans do much better when they include social media. The amount of people that participate in using social media channels is growing by the day! According to The Telegraph, the average person has 5 social media accounts and spends about 1 hour and 40 minutes browsing networks each day! Some of the largest networks like Facebook and YouTube have users in the billions. That’s right, I said BILLIONS. Facebook boasting users of 1.4 billion, and YouTube at just over 1 billion. Source: The Telegraph). Long story short, a social media plan is important. Are you prepared to make the plan yourself?

Evaluate your Digital Marketing Plan

Before making the crucial decision of whether to outsource your social media experts or hire in-house, there are some considerations you must take into account:

1) How aggressive of a social media campaign are you looking for?

2) What financial resources towards an effective social media campaign do you have?

3) The size, knowledge, and bandwidth of your team

4) Your knowledge and bandwidth

Once you truly know the answers to all these questions you can start piecing things together. Maybe you do not want all the aspects of an aggressive social media marketing campaign because you do not have the budget or only want a small amount of work. Then you may be able to pull off having an in-house person or even yourself. But if you are deciding to do it in-house you must consider…will you have the time and know-how? Will the person you delegate the assignment to on your team be able to manage it? You do not want to risk loading too much and being overwhelmed, or worse – sending the wrong messages on social media and alienating customers. Plan carefully!

What Hype Digital Marketing Can Do for You

If you are deciding to go all-in on the social media marketing campaign it can encompass a whole lot of things! Here are just some of the ways a Social Media Marketing team can help:

  • Strategy and Planning – Before anything is done, it must be mapped out with your target audience in mind. Get the experts opinions on what has worked for them in the past!
  • Budgeting – A knowledgeable firm or social media expert can get you some quotes so that you know what you’re working with.
  • Creating content – You will have a person who can handle the posts, graphics, and images of everything that goes on your different social media channels, eliminating a lot of the legwork for you.
  • Posting content – When are the best times to post to your audience? This differs greatly by audience AND channel, it will pay off to have someone who has a good system down for finding this information.

Social media is a large part of many target audience’s lives, across all verticals. It usually will help most businesses in some way to have even a small presence on social media. Depending on your financial resources and desired campaign it could make sense just to delegate the job in-house, but for more complicated goals it would make sense to hire an agency. Hype Digital Marketing has a lot of experience, connections, and know-how in planning and execution of a successful social media marketing campaign in this digital age. Evaluate your social media efforts and see how we can align with and amplify your business goals today!