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What’s the Ideal Number of Posts for Your Site

Regularly publishing articles on your site can help you increase your internet presence, specifically your web traffic. If you have a website and was wondering about how often you should publish blog articles on your site, then these guidelines can help you find your answer. There is no specific formula or defined numbers on how to achieve it, but these factors can help you gauge the right amount you need.

Get more organic traffic by increasing the frequency of your posts

The more you post, the more people find the articles that you publish organically. Writing several articles under your website’s niche can help you create more content they can search online. Aside from that, you are slowly building your site’s credibility for the chosen topic.

People who are interested in your niche and the writeups you publish would want you as their go-to site when obtaining information about the subject. Moreover, the current search engine algorithm prefers a website that publishes articles consistently. Doing so ensures that these sites are regularly indexed and crawled.

In general, websites that regularly post new articles can get more web traffic. These are sites that publish a post once a week, or at least two to three times a month. Please note, however, that there is no required number of articles for each site. It all depends on your capacity to produce a quality write-up.

Have a fixed blog schedule that works with your audience

Another factor that affects the number of your web traffic is your posting schedule. Your chosen schedule should not just be any random schedule. You need to study what is the specific day and time that more people visit and engage with your site. Choosing a time that is more convenient for your audience will ensure that more of them will see your new content compared to other schedules.

Creating a specified timeline for site updates will help your followers know when they will expect new content from your site. Search engines are also more likely to give high preference to sites that regularly post content. The more you post on a specified schedule, the better your rankings will be.

Prioritize quality content

Your web traffic does not depend on the number of articles you post alone; the quality of these articles can also affect your numbers. If your site starts to release several articles just to meet the quantity but not the quality, you might be risking your site’s authority.

Be mindful of the articles you release. They should still be within your site’s niche, and they should be relevant to your brand and the readers. More importantly, you should ensure that they are substantial and free from any grammatical or spelling errors.


The number of blog posts your site should post depends on you. Ask yourself how many quality articles you can produce in a week or a month and stick to it. The number plays a huge role in generating traffic to your website, but the better the quality of your articles, the more you retain your visitors and your search engine ranking.

Make your blog posts more effective by using search engine optimization (SEO).

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