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Why It’s Time To Consider Investing On Paid Social Media

If you’re looking for more feasible ways to promote your brand online, then maybe it’s time to give paid social media a try. It’s a convenient method of putting up advertisements and sponsored marketing campaigns by using social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

What’s more, if you’re targeting a particular audience or demographic, paid social media is perfect for you. Through it, you get to control the consumers you reach through marketing strategies like PPC advertising, influencer-generated content, and display ads.

Before diving right in, however, you need to take note that each social media platform offers different approaches to digital marketing strategies. Aside from the particular platforms, your business goals will shape the approach as well.

To give you a better understanding of what each platform offers, read on further below.


Aside from having its own marketplace where you can promote just about any product or service, Facebook also offers Targeted Ads. Much like PPC advertising on Google, this is a strategy that requires the use of a bidding system to function properly.

For it to work, advertisers need to place a bid on several ads which highlight their target audience. It will then be processed through a virtual lottery, giving equal chances for all competitors for their ads to work.

On the other hand, looking at your audience’s behavior through the given metrics and statistics is vital for your Facebook Ads to reach its potential customers. Not only will you get to reach more potential consumers and generate leads, but you will also get to push for better brand awareness as well.


Instagram is another powerful tool that focuses on visual content, which a lot of marketing companies in Anchorage rely on to reach their desired audience. You can even go as far as putting up an e-commerce account and promote your ads from there. To make it even better, now that Facebook has partnered up with Instagram, you have the convenience of managing both platforms in one place. Talk about ease of access and control!

In fact, Instagram is a platform that offers great exposure for your brand. Depending on your budget allocation, you can then choose how long your ads will be up for. Aside from this, you can also decide on using either a photo or video campaign to diversify and make things more interesting.


Twitter offers advertisements that don’t look like your traditional marketing campaigns at all. Instead, they blend in with other regular tweets, thus making for seamless promotion. They’re also the perfect platform for companies who are into short content. In addition, Twitter makes use of an ad software that allows you to choose a specific demographic to show your campaigns to, but it all depends on your provided budget.

Whether you’re focused on the amount of times people will see your content on their Twitter feed or the kind of advertisement you’re showing, it will all rely on your brand’s mission to work smoothly.


LinkedIn is a platform best known for building connections and expanding your network. It’s also a place where you may just find your next job opportunity. Not only will you get to meet thousands of people in the same industry as you, but it serves as a great method for marketing your brand as well.

With endless users constantly checking their accounts, it gives businesses the chance to display the maximum potential of their advertising methods. Through the use of their targeted ads, you can choose the specific demographics and categories you want to cater to. The next time you’re thinking of putting a specific job type, don’t forget to make use of keywords to optimize its ability to reach more people.


There are endless possibilities that come with promoting marketing campaigns using paid media, which serves to be useful for both SMEs and big corporations. All it takes is finding the best platform that will benefit your business best.

Looking for new ways to promote your business’ brand in the online world? Grow With Hype is an advertising agency in Anchorage capable of successfully promoting your business’ brand. Contact us today and we’ll gladly answer your inquiries.